Introducing, the Sensitive New Age Fire

The new Spatherm Freestander will woo you with modern good looks and innovative approach to design.

Just like a sensitive new age guy, this handsome wood fire is cultivated, considered and conscious of its environment. Featuring a vertical design and minimalist metal detailing, bringing you a modest and refined aesthetic with an uninterrupted flame view.

Forward thinking, this fire features a smart self-latching door, giving it a seamless look, feel and function.

Maximised Flame View

Maximised Flame View

By combining a large glass front and slim edges, our Spartherm wood fires have the maximum amount of flame for your viewing pleasure.

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Compact and considered, the Spartherm Freestander is perfect for small spaces like modest townhouses, apartments, and luxury cribs.

Innovative Function

Innovative Function

The Spartherm Freestander does away with clunky, traditional fireplace handles with a smart self-latching door for easy operation.




 Estimated Peak Heat Output  11.2 kW
 Max Average Heat Output  7.2 kW
 Efficiency 67.6%
 Viewable Glass Dimensions 654H x 418W  (mm)
 Active Flue Pipe Diameter 150mm
 Door Function Swing
Emissions 0.79 g/kg
ECAN Authorisation number 211186
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