Varia 2L80h (Left) & Varia 2R80h (Right)


Increase the possibilities for your living space with a Corner fireplace by Spartherm. Available in Left and Right variations, the large glass fronts offer an increased viewable flame which can be seen from more angles than a standard fireplace.

The Corner fireplace is a creative way to join two living spaces, creating a dynamic visual while also being extremely functional. With an estimated peak heat output of 24kW, the Corner fireplace is suitable for large living spaces.

Spartherm wood fireplaces are also ideal for the environmentally conscious home as it is a clean burning fireplace with more than 80 percent efficiency.

Maximised Flame View

Maximised Flame View

By combining a large glass front and slim edges, our Spartherm wood fires have the maximum amount of flame for your viewing pleasure.

German Precision

German Precision

With over 30 years of experience, our wood fireplaces have been proudly crafted to perfection in Melle, Germany.

Hideaway Lift Door

Hideaway Lift Door

Utilising unique patented technology, we created an easy-to-slide lift door which effortlessly glides upwards into the wall.

CoolTouch Panels – Skamotec 225

Spartherm’s CoolTouch Panels are an innovative new way to build fireplace enclosures. These CoolTouch Panels will screw and glue straight into existing wall and ceiling linings, so then all you have to do is plaster and paint straight over top of it. You will not only reduce the construction time, but also the cost!

Easy to Install: Spartherm’s CoolTouch Panels are easier to install than a structure made of plasterboard or timber.

Lightweight & Self-supporting: No need for multiple installers, cranes or additional costly supporting materials.

Insulating: CoolTouch Panels allow for optimal heat output without damaging your furnishings or wall finishes – and no heat cracks!

 Estimated Peak Heat Output  24 kW
 Max Average Heat Output  14.5 kW
 Efficiency 65.9%
 Emissions  0.96g/kg
Weight  312kg
 Viewable Fire Dimensions 441 H x 773 W x 381 D (mm)
 Flue Pipe Diameter 150mm
 Door Function Elevating (lift door)
Clean Air Authorisation Number 168071 (LH) 168072 (RH)
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